Rapid Solution Deployment

Rapsody: The Approach

  • Deliver fixed price, fixed scope projects.
  • Standardized implementation methodology.
  • Based on Activate Methodology, with additional accelerators from Brisken.
  • Remotely delivered. Optional onsite sessions for workshops, testing, go-live (conditions permitting).
  • Multiple packages available at varying levels of scope:
    • Cash Management
    • Treasury & Risk Management
    • Multi-Bank-Connectivity (MBC)
    • Fiori Activation
    • Cash and Treasury Analytics (SAC).


Trending Topics

IBOR Transition (LIBOR Replacement)

Don’t be taken off guard by the Benchmark Reform in 2021.
Implement system changes, adjust financial conditions, validate cash flows, introduce fallback rates and prepare for the switch.

Treasury Assessment (1 week)

2-3 assessment workshop. High level solution design and treasury road map. Identify opportunities and quick wins. Benchmark against BRISKEN built SAP S/4HANA demos system.

SAP Analytics Cloud (2 weeks)

Setup the connectivity between S/4HANA and SAC.
Activate SAC content for Cash and Liquidity and Treasury.
Be up and running with cash and treasury analytics. Baseline for continuous improvements.

Cash Management

Basic Cash Management (5 weeks)

Implementation of Bank Relationship Management (BRM/BAM), Cash Position and Multi Bank Connectivity (MBC).
Be up and running with a basic solution that gives you a complete view of your current cash position.

Cash Management: BRM/BAM

Build controls around your bank relationship management process.
Implement Fiori apps Manage Banks and Manage Bank Accounts. Introduce dual control features for bank account management.

Cash Management: Cash Position

Get an instant view of your cash at bank.
Implement Cash Flow Analyzer (CFA) with structured cash position reports based on current day bank statements and memo records.

Cash Management: Multi Bank Connectivity (MBC)

Streamline your bank connectivity.
Take advantage of the out of the box managed connectivity from SAP.
Implement current day bank statement integration (CAMT.052, MT942).

Advanced Cash Management (10 weeks)

Basic Cash Management enhanced by a selection of multiple additional packages, with additional functionalities for liquidity forecasting, planning, cash analytics.

Treasury Data Governance

End-2-End Market Data Governance (4 weeks)

Put end end to your market data headache.
Implement the BRISKEN Market Data Hub (MDH) and benefit from out of the box connectivity to any data provider and source, complete automation of all your data processes, from ingestion to distribution, with data quality check, data cleansing and process monitoring in-between.

Market Data Hub (MDH)

Security Master Data Management (4 weeks)

Automate your security master data and reference data process.
Implement the end to end governance of your security master data integration process from any provider and source. Automatically import, update and maintain security class master data in SAP.

Credit Data Management (4 weeks)

Automatically keep your credit ratings in SAP up to date.
Keep an eye on credit reports and other credit relevant information.
Connect to D&B and other credit data providers and automatically feed your credit risk processes.

FX Trade Execution & Straight-Through-Processing (STP)

STP for Refinitiv FXall, Bloomberg FXGO (4 weeks)

Setup of your SAP Smart Trading (aka SAP TPI). Onboarding of your BRISKEN TraderPlus service with the connectivity to your trading platform or banking platforms of choice (requires subscription to TraderPlus).

STP for 360T (4 weeks)

Straight Through Processing (STP) for 360T and SAP S/4HANA.
We do all the onboarding for your SAP Smart FX Trading app (aka Trading Platform Integration – TPI). We set up the connectivity to SAP and 360T and make the mappings in your TPI tenant.

SAP Trade Execution (8 weeks)

Implement FX trading for balance sheet hedging and commercial contracts to SAP TRM.
Onboarding of your STP processing with any trading platform.
Setup spot and forward contracts in SAP TRM and integration with cash management, payment processing, accounting and reporting.

Treasury & Risk Management

TRM Package - ST Investments (4 weeks)

Get a head start on your investment management controls in SAP.
Implement 4 investment instruments in the Money Market module of product categories Commercial Paper, Fixed Term Deposit, or MMF. Integration with Cash Management, Accounting, Payment Management and reporting.

TRM Package - ST Loans

Automate your ST financing processes and controls.
Implement 4 financing instruments in the Money Market module of product categories Commercial Paper, Fixed Term Deposit, Interest Rate Instrument or Credit Line.
Integration with Cash Management, Accounting, Payment Management and reporting.

TRM Package - IC Loans

Remove manual processing for your IC Loans.
Implement 4 IC instruments in the Money Market module of product categories Fixed Term Deposit, Interest Rate Instrument or Credit Line.
Integration with Cash Management, Accounting, Payment Management and reporting.

Treasury & Technology

Fiori Apps Activation for Treasury

Put an end to your Fiori nightmares.
Ask for advice from the team who build Fiori apps for a living.
Activate the Fiori apps for Treasury and Cash Management.
Be ready to start your project.

BRISKEN Migration Tools

Cloud based migration tools for the upload of master data (banks, bank accounts, business partners, security master data, GL accounts).
Tools to establish the cash opening balances from GL balances, bank statements, other sources and upload them into Cash Management.
Cash Management Readiness Check.


Low cost, fixed price projects to drive rapid success

  • Get quick win in S/4HANA projects
  • Lower implementation risk
  • Generate faster payback on investment
  • Clearly defined scope
  • Implemented as turn-key project
  • Agile approach to gradually roll-out more functionality


With offices in Houston, TX, and São Paulo, Brazil, we are expanding operations to Europe and Asia. From our development center and support hub in São Paulo we provide development services for application development projects and 24/7 support and maintenance for our clients.