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Take business innovation out of the IT Lab and entrust your users. Brisken helps design and develop your apps, taking the guesswork out of the innovation equation. We develop apps for a living applying our design skills and know-how in cloud and database technologies to create innovative apps on SAP Cloud Platform.

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Improve your innovation pipeline and adjust processes and solutions as fast as your changing needs. Rely on our proven expertise and reduce time to market of your apps. Our expertise in native HANA XS, SAPUI5 and Fiori as well as other programming skills and technologies will guarantee your success at lightning speed. We help you to quickly build, extend, and integrate modern mobile-enabled apps into your existing SAP ECC®, SAP S/4 HANA® to meet your business needs now.

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Brisken Market Data Hub

Invigorate your market data workflow from start to finish and benefit from complete market data management with our comprehensive Market Data Hub.

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Our Work

Think of an App, we get it done

Have an idea for an app? For your internal business users or your clients?
We can help you to make it a reality. We help you design and develop HANA and Fiori apps and even can support you to get it certified.
Our application development services for customers and SAP partners range from the initial conceptual and technical design to the development and realization. With our experience we can get you through the hurdles and unknowns of the application certification process. Maybe we can even further our partnership and enter into a co-development agreement to share the investment in and benefits from the app.

Our Work

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Join Brisken at the FSI Forum in Bonn October 24.-25.

Brisken will be part of this years FSI Forum in Bonn.

Brisken’s Dirk Neumann will present on the Theme Stage (Themebuehne) Future Trends (Zukubftstrends) the topic Hybrid Cloud as central infrastructure Framework for Banking and Insurance. (Die Hybrid Cloud als zentrales Infrastrukturmodel für Banken und Versicherer).
Join us at our booth in the FinTech Corner of the event, and support us in the Innovation Challenge – vote for the Brisken T+ Integration and Governance Framework.

We will be presenting the latest version of our T+ Framework and its use in the SAP System Landscape for Banking and Insurance. T+ is a framework running on the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) that allows SAP customers to build out of the box integration scenarios between external data sources or processes and SAP applications and platforms. It enables customers to connect to data providers such as Bloomberg, Reuters, or Exchanges without any development work. Our customers can equally integrate trade execution processes run on trading platforms, broker platforms, or directly on the exchanges to their SAP back-end.

As part of the T+ business content Brisken provides a library of connectors and adapters to data sources and platforms such as Bloomberg Data License, ThomsonReuters DataScope Select, OANDA, Quandl, Central Banks, and other data sources. The library also includes connectors to SAP platforms such SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Financial Services Data Platform (FSDP), and other SAP and non-SAP back-end systems.

The real power of the T+ framework stems from the configurability, the extensibility and the openness for new connections and functions. The data models in the frameworks data hub are completely configurable and customers can define the exact view of their data that best suits their business. The framework allows to add new connectors and adapters without back-end development. Customers can add their own validation procedures and workflow steps.

In collaboration with SAP we are presenting a use case at our booth that shows the capabilities of the Brisken Market Data Hub in conjunction with the FSDP and the SAP Data Hub. We are sourcing pricing data from an external data source and use it within the SAP banking Landscape for the valuation of Credit Default Swaps. The idea of the use case is to demonstrate the flexibility of the T+ framework in conjunction with the SAP Banking Platform to combine internal and external data and processes in a hybrid=cloud scenario.

Brisken Market Data Hub provides market data for the SAP Financial Services Data Platform (FSDP)

Brisken has just released the Market Data Hub for SAP FSDP. This new version of the company’s flagship product connects external data sources to the SAP Financial Services Data Platform (FSDP).
The Market Data Hub (MDH) will provide market data and other data from external sources to the FSDP. This way the FSDP can take advantage of the growing number of external data sources that are integrated into the MDH’s library of data providers. At the same time the MDH submits all data to a thorough data quality check, alerting specific users by e-mail and alerts of any anomaly and data quality related issues. Complete auditing of the integration process and online functions to analyze the data add to the suite of data governance functionalities. The MDH continuously checks the status of scheduled integration processes.
The MDH is completely configurable, so that customers can define their own individual views of external data, tailored to the analytical functions and apps that consume the data from the FSDP.
Additionally, the MDH allows the processing and transformation of the data by use of functions and formulas. These functions can be selected from an existing list of formulas, or can be implemented using a formula editor. E.g. this would allow customers to run specific valuation processes on position data stored on the FSDP, using the market data and financial calculation algorithms from the MDH.
Brisken will present the solution together with SAP at the International SAP For Banks and Insurance Companies.


With offices in Houston, TX, and São Paulo, Brazil, we are expanding operations to Europe and Asia. From our development center and support hub in São Paulo we provide development services for application development projects and 24/7 support and maintenance for our clients.